Juf is a poetry project based in the city of Madrid curated by Beatriz Ortega Botas and Leticia Ybarra


POETS THEATRE IN MADRID: NARRATION, QUEER EXPRESSION AND SPANISH VENTRILOQUISM25.01.22.Workshop at Sala de Arte Joven Madrid (Licra) 12/11/2021 DON'T BELIEVE THE DAY. PEPE ESPALIÚ+BRI WILLIAMS+GABRIEL OJEDA-SAGUÉ17.01.22.this pdf approaches the temporality of trauma and the possibilities of survival and self-sustenance through pleasure, undisclosed experiences and faith in contexts of crisis and violence. A LOSS OF TIME? ABBAS ZAHEDI+ALBERTO VALLEJO14.10.21.for the third piece of the ongoing series of online works Abbas Zahedi and Alberto Vallejo use abstract languages, protocols, methodologies and functions that come from watchmaking, philosophy and chess to reflect on personal and situated experiences and expressions of time and movement. FEATHER THE BALANCE. RENEE GLADMAN+NISHA RAMAYYA26.05.21.second collaborative piece of an ongoing series of online works using poetry, textuality and visuality, that creates a sort of rackety bridge between Renee Gladman's and Nisha Ramayya's work. TEMPO AWASH. AURELIA GUO+P. STAFF+RAQUEL SALAS RIVERA12.05.21.an ongoing series of online works using poetry, textuality and visuality to navigate the limits and leeway of processes of signification. SHOPForthcoming