Juf is a poetry project based in the city of Madrid curated by Beatriz Ortega Botas and Leto Ybarra. Address: Ronda de Toledo 16, 3º floor, door 310


SHOW "YOU 3.2 MEN PLAY TOO MUCH" BY RAYNES BIRKBECK30.09.23.Opening September 30 at 7pm with readings by Ebun Sodipo, Juan de Salas and Martyn Reyes. SHOW "CREATING ITS OWN OCCASIONS AS A STAGE DOES" WITH DOUGLAS KEARNEY, NIKITA GALE, PARK MCARTHUR, VIJAY MASHARANI AND HARMONY HOLIDAY13.05.23.This show is interested in thinking spaces of meaning production and action (a theater, a stage, a spotlight, but also a dock, a curb or a white page) complicating theater’s vernacular languages, as a tentative formula to produce new political and social settings, imaginaries and plots. SPROCKETED SYLLABUS13.04.23.The study group will analyse art practices that employ non-signification and formal strategies of vanishing, draining and emptying. The first part of the program includes a reading group and a performed lecture by Luce deLire. SHOW "LANDSCAPE HOT MIC" WITH JESSE CHUN, JJJJJEROME ELLIS, ALBERTO VALLEJO AND BEATRIZ ORTEGA BOTAS, NOUR MOBARAK, SHAUN MOTSI, K.R.M. MOONEY AND ÁLVARO DEL FRESNO.18.02.23.The hot mic brings to the forefront that which is not part of restrained speech, the environment and the apparent error. It alludes to the capacity to emit and preserve the voice; as well as to the phonetic dimension of language, the contingencies it entails, its “translation” into written text and the rematerialization of the visual through sound. PROMPT CORNER: EVENT - LA CASA ENCENDIDA WITH GEO WYETH (MUCK STUDIES DEPT) + AURÉLIEN POTIER (AURILIAN) + OKCANDICE11.02.23.The event features the works of Geo Wyeth (with Muck Studies Dept.), Aurélien Potier and okcandice. They all share an interest in the sources of language and the patterns of behaviour that are kept hidden –in that which is forgotten and ends up gathering dust in the corners– and yet are capable of structuring and dominating actions and emotions. LA ALBA: N.H. PRITCHARD + IMA-ABASI OKON + K.R.M. MOONEY + NAT RAHA15.12.22.LA ALBA's contributions draw from the poems of N.H. Pritchard to employ abstraction and elements of concrete and sound poetry: extreme typographical dilation, the splicing of words, unconventional spacing and punctuation. SHOW + READING "WAYFINDING": ALEX TURGEON, DERICA SHIELDS AND S*AN D. HENRY SMITH25.11.22.taking writing and language as their point of departure, the works of Alex Turgeon, Derica Shields and S*an D. Henry-Smith share an effort to saturate the constrained literality and spatiality of architecture, the archive and the administration of social life. IT WILL CANCEL OUT THE NOISE. KIMBERLY ALIDIO + JESSE CHUN28.10.22.an approach to the institutionalization of speech and the homogenization of language in relation to colonial dynamics, preservation and bureaucracy. POETRY READING AT NOGUERAS BLANCHARD WITH TAREK LAKHRISSI, BILLY MORGAN AND OLIVIA DOUGLASS08.09.22.Nogueras Blanchard gallery invites Juf to activate Joan Brossa’s work with an event that takes the artist’s expanded conception of the poetic act as a starting point. COUNTS WOULD NOT ACKNOWLEDGE. MILLIE WILSON+NAYARE SOLEDAD+FRANCESC RUIZ+CHE GOSSETT09.05.22.an invitation to work on issues related to the archive’s epistemological tools, fabulatory components, realist exigencies and categories of subjecthood and fact. RING TRUE: READING AND SOUND EVENT25.02.21.In collaboration with Gasworks (London), we organized a reading and sound event with S*an D. Henry-Smith, Nisha Ramayya, JOVENDELAPERLA, BERENICE and Leticia Ybarra. WHAT HAPPENS TO ME IN SOME ARCHITECTURES. BENJAMIN KRUSLING+CLAUDIA PAGÈS+KASHIF SHARMA-PATEL+RACHEL LEVITSKY+PALOMA CHEN03.03.22.exploring questions of spatiality and its grammars, circulation, representation and visibility in public and private spaces. POETS THEATRE IN MADRID: NARRATION, QUEER EXPRESSION AND SPANISH VENTRILOQUISM25.01.22.workshop at Sala de Arte Joven Madrid (Licra) 12/11/2021 DON'T BELIEVE THE DAY. PEPE ESPALIÚ+BRI WILLIAMS+GABRIEL OJEDA-SAGUÉ17.01.22.this pdf approaches the temporality of trauma and the possibilities of survival and self-sustenance through pleasure, undisclosed experiences and faith in contexts of crisis and violence. A LOSS OF TIME? ABBAS ZAHEDI+ALBERTO VALLEJO14.10.21.for the third piece of the ongoing series of online works Abbas Zahedi and Alberto Vallejo use abstract languages, protocols, methodologies and functions that come from watchmaking, philosophy and chess to reflect on personal and situated experiences and expressions of time and movement. FEATHER THE BALANCE. RENEE GLADMAN+NISHA RAMAYYA26.05.21.second collaborative piece of an ongoing series of online works using poetry, textuality and visuality, that creates a sort of rackety bridge between Renee Gladman's and Nisha Ramayya's work. TEMPO AWASH. AURELIA GUO+P. STAFF+RAQUEL SALAS RIVERA12.05.21.an ongoing series of online works using poetry, textuality and visuality to navigate the limits and leeway of processes of signification. SHOPForthcoming