Readings and sound by Benia Nsi, Elijah Jackson and Mhm, Mhm

Benia Nsi is a singer, poet and writer based in Madrid. Her multidisciplinary practices navigate reunion, identity, blackness in dissidence and collective healing through the desires and feelings of the body without time.

Elijah Jackson is a writer based in Berlin, originally from Los Angeles. His work, primarily through long poems, is concerned with the production and dissolution of narratives of crisis, particularly financial crisis, and the obfuscatory affect which impinges upon the dissemination of said narratives. His poetry is current or forthcoming in Action, Spectacle, Annulet, KeithLLC, 1080magazine, and others. In 2021, his chapbook In afternoon was shortlisted by Ugly Duckling Presse for their Firstish Chapbook award.

Mhm, Mhm is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam and New York . Mhm, has completed residencies at De Ateliers (2022), Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como(IT), Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture(Skowhegan, ME). Mhm has been commissioned to perform at Haus Wien 2021 in Vienna Austria. Recent exhibitions at Sharp Projects(Copenhagen) 2022 and Bologna.cc 2021 Mhm recently released his EP “CALLING FOR A PEOPLE TO COME” is out now on Parkwuud Enterprise.