February 11, 19.00 - 21.30 h
La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain)
La Casa Encendida is wheelchair accessible. More information

Prompt Corner brings together works that link poetry to cabaret, different oratorial traditions, queer theatre and spoken word performance. In theatrical jargon, the 'prompt corner' refers to the place from which the development of the scene is directed and sustained –from there, the performance is controlled and phrases are remembered in case someone forgets them. The event features the works of Geo Wyeth (with Muck Studies Dept.), Aurélien Potier and okcandice. They all share an interest in the sources of language and the patterns of behaviour that are kept hidden –in that which is forgotten and ends up gathering dust in the corners– and yet are capable of structuring and dominating actions and emotions. The three pieces presented during the evening incorporate a constant dialogue with the context (material, symbolic, historical, economic, libidinal), and they do so within a lineage of poetic experimentation that deals with ideas of belonging, community, visibility, love and mourning.

Visitation, w/ N.O. Stars, by Muck Studies Dept.
In Visitation, with N.O. Stars an anxiety-riddled investigative municipal agent peels back layers of the present and the past, speaking from a time that is beyond measure, from the Bottom of the Water, which is always and inevitably in the air. Locating himself in a roaming constellation of dusty ephemera, Muck Studies Dept. details a moment of discovery from a vibrating memory container at the site of the Big Bang, proposing a re-imagining of value, one that he has known all along but not felt until now. A first-person narrative by an unreliable source.

Geo Wyeth is an artist and educator originally from NYC who works in music, performance, poetry and sound. His most recent record, ATM FM (2020), was released through Muck Studies Dept. – a constellational narrative framework and imaginary city agent that surveys the bottom of low-lying water areas, “looking for stars out of what stinks.” Muck Studies Dept. merges inherited black Atlantic funk and folk poetics with investigative journalism; it connects mud, water, ass, rocks, coins, keys, extractive industry, and sensual expression of belonging to that flood. Wyex has presented work at MoMA PS1, The New Museum, Stedelijk Museum, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Dutch National Opera, L’Arsenic, Joe’s Pub etc. He was a resident at the Rijksakademie in 2015-2016. Recent collaborators include AK Burns, Every Ocean Hughes, Colin Self, and Tourmaline. He lives and work in Rotterdam, NL next to the Maas River.

"Loose Compass", by Aurélien Potier (Aurilian)
Inhabited by a strive to bring together contradictory forces, Aurélien’s work is the fruit of intertwining paradoxes; where fragility gives birth to a language permeated with affects. His work creates perceptive environments that are traversed by disorientation, with a vitality from which emerge written, performed, drawn and sculpted forms.

I’ll tell you I love you so often it becomes your name. A crazy eye, an unstable target, and all you can find is a crack that is to be touched. In the members always inscribed with memory, where simultaneously burst lightning and thunder, where any silence is a dissidence - only the flame doesn’t have a shadow.

The performance contains sounds composed by Hugo Mir-Valette.

Aurélien Potier (Aurilian) lives and works in Marseille. His work has been presented at Triangle – Astérides (Marseille), Sissi Club (Marseille), CAPC (Bordeaux), CCA (Glasgow), Montez Press Radio (New York), Centre International de Poésie (Marseille), Haus Wien (Vienna), galerie Air de Paris (Romainville), galerie Sultana (Paris).

“Offering” V4, by okcandice
This new performance by okcandice falls under their ongoing research/performance series, Offering, which explores grief in the collective through sound, live performance, and oral archives. In this new iteration, Offering V4, okcandice approaches the relationship between Catholic mass and the acceptance/embodiment of death and grief through ritual. Drawing on their experiences of attending a Catholic school, and their interest in the monseigneur or priest as an orator, okcandice will contextualize the piece in relation to the specificities of catholicism in Spain.

okcandice is a writer, artist-curator, and musician between Birmingham and Berlin. They are a co-founding member of the collective poet & prophetess and founder of the queer film series all fruits ripe. They currently maintain the digital project okcandice archive, host the experimental broadcast Bedtime Stories on Cashmere Radio, and audio/research project Must Be The Music on Refuge Worldwide. Curatorial projects include Blood & Fire: Our Journey Through Vanley Burke’s History, Soho House Birmingham (2022), Portals, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2021), and okcandice archive (2012—) alongside creative commissions for Birmingham Museums Trust, British Council Germany, BOZAR Brussels, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Film and Video Umbrella, Hebbel Am Ufer Theatre, Kunstverein Hamburg, Literarisches Colloquium, and SAVVY Contemporary.

Spanish translations will be available for performances/readings in English.

La Casa Encendida is wheelchair accessible.

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